The Anvil Academy


The Anvil Academy is a learning community that is focused on mentoring boys through the formative years of middle school.

Through “Mind-On, Heart-Engaged, Hands-Dirty” experiences, we believe that boys can journey through these potentially volatile years with intentionality, character, responsibility, and adventure. It is our belief that middle school boys are ready for more than what our culture expects of them. For millennia, middle school aged boys have been challenged to take on the mantle of early manhood by joining their fathers as apprentices in the fields, workshops, marketplaces and home. As contemporary culture has moved away from authentic responsibility through apprenticeship experiences we believe that a piece of the transition from boyhood to manhood has been lost. At The Anvil Academy we are desiring to Forge Men through adventure experiences, tied to specific disciplines, through the lens of history, by a community of men.

At The Anvil Academy we spend three years walking through a chronological timeline of human history. From Creation to Contemporary times we believe that much can be learned by looking at people, events, cultures and geographies, alongside a redemptive history seen in the Christian Scriptures. These provide the foundation on which to build experiences, projects, trips and challenges that we use to shape, mold and forge the boys into young men.

All of the boys who are part of The Anvil Brotherhood are homeschool students, having signed a Declaration of Intent with the Georgia Department of Education. The Anvil Academy serves as a supplemental partner to homeschooling families; not with content instruction, but with experiential application.

Belief Statement