Forging Men

challenging, equipping, and discipling middle-school boys into strong young men

“To be on the anvil, is to be in a state of discussion, formation or preparation; as when a scheme or measure is forming, but not matured.”

                                                     -Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary


that FORMS

Life “On The Anvil” consists of the daily experience of being shaped along the lines of Christ.  Through the Spirit’s presence, represented by fire, Anvil boys and men are made malleable and a community of shapers pick up the hammer and do the forging into those who are walking in the way of Jesus.



Boys journey through the fullness of natural and human history, as seen through Scripture, secular texts, and the wonders of Creation.  Instruction is designed not for test scores or standardized levels of achievement, but instead a robust and compelling experience of understanding, wisdom, and practical “hands-dirty” application.



True learning and growth are not sterile standards but are instead a journey that is composed of wonder, curiosity, and an adventure that draws one deeper into personal passion and exploration.  High levels of expectation and personal investment from the boys continually draw us onward and upward as a community.



Authentic opportunities to problem-solve in real-world environments build the foundation of the Anvil experience.  Daily projects that introduce and fine-tune tactile skills while allowing for creative solutions pattern our common cadence. 



The “On The Anvil” life is one that is not meant to be lived alone.  The Anvil Brotherhood is one of collaborative and relational unity while allowing for uniqueness and personal interest and gifting.  

As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another.

                                          – Proverbs 27:17