The Anvil Academy



Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions in regards to our Admissions and Enrollment Process.

What is the Application / Enrollment process?

What is the tuition at The Anvil Academy?

The tuition for the Anvil Academy is $6,500 per year.  Tuition is invoiced on a monthly basis, from July – April.  Tuition includes all uniforms, gear, instruction, resources, daily lunch costs and consumable building materials.  The two expenses not included in tuition are the annual fall retreat and select Anvil spirit wear. 

Tuition is collected through FACTS Tuition Management and families are invited to apply for financial aide / scholarships during the enrollment process. 

What is your enrollment capacity?

The Anvil Academy has a student body capacity of 96 students.  This breaks down to roughly 16 students, per grade, per cohort

Tu/Thurs Cohort & Wed/Fri Cohort have roughly 48 students each.

Year 1 – 

Why don’t you enroll more students?

There are two main reasons for our specific enrollment size.   

  • The adventure-based, hands-on, discipleship nature of our program lends itself to very small, relationally-focused groups.  From a safety, supervision, and intentional programming perspective, 48 students on-campus, divided across 4 small groups have proven most effective.
  • Secondarily, the nature of our campus and learning facilities create limited occupancy.  A non-traditional program on a non-traditional campus creates a natural enrollment ceiling.
Are students able to enroll mid-year?

The Anvil Academy typically operates at full capacity.  If there are openings we will consider new students through the end of August.  Due to the amount of safety training and relational and community development over the 1st quarter,  we do not open the enrollment window until the following year.


Please find answers to Frequently Asked Questions in regards to our Academic Program and Philosophy of Learning.

What days and time do you meet?

The Anvil Academy provides a 2-day/week experience for 5-8th grade boys.  Students attend on either Tuesday & Thursday or Wednesday & Friday.  The school day is from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  Carpool runs roughly 20 minutes before and after school each day. 

Where is your campus?

Our campus is located between Holbrook and Campground Roads in Cumming, GA. 

Do you offer busing?

We do not offer individual student busing.  Morning and afternoon transportation is coordinated from Macedonia United Methodist Church, about a mile away from campus. We are not affiliated with Macedonia United Methodist Church but are incredibly thankful for their generous partnership around Anvil transportation. 

2547 Holbrook Campground Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Each school day, families drop off and pick up their sons at the church.  Faculty of The Anvil Academy then drive them to campus in 15-passenger vans.  We do not coordinate pick-up and drop-off from our campus in order to honor our neighbors and allow for the most efficient process. 

What subjects do you teach?

The core academic content provided by The Anvil Academy is History and Social Studies. Over the course of 4-years of study, students are presented a survey of human history.


Year 1: Creation – Dawn of Roman Empire

Year 2: Roman Empire – Middle Ages (Content for 2022/23)

Year 3: Renaissance / Age of Exploration

Year 4: North American History

Are you affiliated with a church or denomination?

No.  The Anvil Academy is not affiliated with a church or denomination.  The Anvil Academy is an independent learning community, serving Christian families with the mission of Forging Men.  For our full belief statement, please visit

Are you accredited?

Yes.  We are accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission as an NTEC (Non-Traditional Education Center).  This is defined as:

… an institution serving groups of students engaged in independent study/homeschool activities as members of a center for non-traditional learning. A student enrolled in a Non-Traditional Educational Center (NTEC) may spend a maximum of 60% of instructional time at the Center.

What curriculum do you use?

Our Anvil team of teachers custom designs units of study and supporting curriculum and resources.  Teachers use a wide variety of resources to support their teaching, however, at times we have leaned on The Mystery Of History texts to help provide a helpful chronology..  These texts are not required but are useful as supplemental resources for families who are looking for a deeper historical study. 

What is your grading system?

At The Anvil Academy, we provide many opportunities for assessment of growth, understanding, and mastery.  These opportunities to demonstrate growth are not quantified on a number scale or letter system but through specific rubrics and authentic assessments.  Boys will build, create, perform, produce, and partner with others in order to show growth in specific areas.  Quarterly conferences or report cards are provided to allow boys and families opportunities to dialog around goal setting and personal development. 

Do you offer a summer program?

We do not currently offer a summer program for students.   

Do you offer a program for girls?

We do not offer a program for girls.  We believe that this type of discipleship community and active learning is just as relevant and fruitful for girls, but our mission is focused on Forging Men.

Is there an option for High School?

We do not offer a high school option.  The program of The Anvil Academy is targeted toward middle school-aged boys.  We believe that this season of life invites incredible formation and maturation, as well as inquiry and wonder.  Our goal is to prepare boys to launch into a high school environment as young men who are strong and secure, equipped for further growth in faith, character, and learning. Graduates of The Anvil Academy are currently enrolled at public and private high schools, as well as a variety of hybrid and homeschool programs.